The end of year show and exhibition for an Architecture School is an important point of celebration. Our students have spent the last academic year producing original work from design projects to essays, reports, models and sketches. At the start of the academic year we look forward to this point to share the fantastic creativity of our students. This year has been very challenging as we have faced uncertainty in reaction to the global pandemic. Our students and staff over the past few months have to adapt to an online way of teaching, learning, working and communicating. Our end of year show has similarly had to respond to these challenges and subsequently we have adapted to present our show online. This represents work from across the school. Despite the challenges over the last few months we are proud of the standard of work produced and the commitment of our students to submit such a range of incredible work.

Over the last few months we have valued our School community, the support that we have had from one another in both staff and student groups. We see the tremendous range of student production as a real point of celebration as we look forward to sharing the continuing success of our students.

Prof. Lorraine Farrelly // Head of School

2020, a year when several difficult to conceive visions came abruptly into focus. Could our European trips be considered ethical mid-climate-crisis, then would an ethical European trip be possible mid-Brexit? Some of us took the train to Amsterdam, some travelled to London, some to Somerset. Next, how could teaching be made possible during a pandemic? So, first we stayed at home in Reading and then we stayed at home apart, but also together. In the microcosm of the school, sessions continued at distance, projects and assignments were completed, straight through the lockdown, with barely a pause for many. Others were less lucky. The already caring community of the school has made remarkable efforts and demonstrated enormous resilience, looking after everybody and everybody looking after one another. Many are still needing to do so.

We have reached this show date with a large group of students producing the wonderful work that you see here. And, for others, special arrangements are offering plenty of time to convert great ideas into successful finished products. We hope some good will come from all of this! Let’s stay in touch, we all care.

Associate Prof. Oliver Froome-Lewis // Course Director