Yutong Zhao

Seaweed Origin

Seaweed is a natural product with incredible properties that is starting to be utilised increasingly in today’s climate; with local offshore farms beginning to sprout up in Cornwall, the Par Horticultural Seaweed Centre is both a processing plant for horticultural seaweed products and a community space for locals and tourists alike. While distributing these amazing products across the country it was also important to ensure that the project also gave back to the community, with spaces for events, a beautiful garden to enjoy and tourist attractions to experience; bringing people together in Cornwall and providing a new route for income in one of the most impoverished counties in England. Each “wing” of the dock represents the two areas of both ‘production’ and ‘community,’ combining in their use and processing of seaweed.  

Seaweed is the fastest growing biomass in the world, flourishing without using land, fresh water or fertiliser.  Seaweed is a unique untapped resource with many valuable applications. Project aim to discover future possibilities by addressing the origins of  events rather than exploring after-the-fact methods. Therefore, Seaweed Origins will use seaweed seed as a research topic as a bio lab, explore on the basis of existing seaweed farming, and create new features and possibilities of seaweed seed. Establish a new origin liveable future for ourselves, our children and generations to come. To make as seaweed a unique untapped resource with many valuable applications from food to fuel and even pharmaceuticals. We implement regenerative CO2-reducing concepts, products, and applications all over the globe.


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Harbour Keel

Introduced in the heart of Reading Town, Hogmanay, the Scottish celebration of New Years, brings a large infusion of culture and festivity to the local area. Cock-a-Leekie soup, being an integral cuisine of the Scottish, accompanies the festivities. The influx of Hogmanay culture, introduced by the arrival of the Soup Facility, will indulge Reading in a host of traditions that seek to bring people together to celebrate the New Year and the fresh start that follows midnight. On New Year’s Eve in Readingthe public are invited to join in the activitiesincluding; farming the ingredients for the soup, trying the soup, setting Juniper branches alight at midnight, Ceilidh dancing, drinking homemade Gin, and the chance to watch as the chefs produce the soup from raw ingredients on site.  

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